Tolerance and Cohesion in the Musical Landscap

by Berny
on 22 November 2014

When I was a young Metalhead, I found myself sometimes in a certain degree of intolerance. I heard only a certain style of music (obviously Metal) and as if that niche would not have been enough, only certain genres within this special music scene.

Of course over the years, I was also confronted with other genres in- but also outside my favourite style of music. Surprisingly, I realized that my former narrow-mindedness brought many disadvantages (because I did not get to hear some really good songs) and this behaviour was very unfair to the artists. Nowadays I’m also not the kind of individual that shakes around to electronic disco music, my point is just that everything has its raison d'être in a certain way.

Musicians and artists in general put usually most of their energy and passion into their art. Many musicians (not only but also in the Metal business) work hard all year in order to go into the studio and on tour a couple of weekends. In my opinion to value their work I could at least listen to them.

We had the great opportunity to share the stage with many very sophisticated, terrific bands over the last/first decade of our (band-) existence and I do not want to miss many of the great shows I saw at these gigs. However also as a concert and festival visitor I have become much more active. The biggest surprises I've always experienced when I watched bands which I've never heard of before.

I am fully aware that there are almost an unmanageable number of artists. But almost in our state of Carinthia there is such a wide range of truly outstanding bands which are performing shows that are hard to comprehend in words. I'm sure that this phenomenon occurs in most regions, and no one would like to pay import duties for every show. There is only one way to receive these outstanding local scenes in the long term: Tolerance and Cohesion.

„The purest form of insanity is to leave everything as it is and at the same time to hope that things will change.“ (Albert Einstein)


Hope to see you soon