09 November

Building a home from 0 and 1

Posted by Rich

Last time I checked I was the guitarist of the band and now all of a sudden I find myself in the middle of .php and .css files... Rich in "Stylesheet-Land"... a story you should not miss. Get a glimpse behind the scenes of this chaotic build and to top all of this... everything is narrated by.... me ;)

Some time ago we had the brilliant idea to get a new homepage goin'. Even in times of Facebook and other social networks it is kinda nice to stick to that old school tradition of having a home, in a digital sense of course. So we started gathering ideas about a new logo.

....Wait a minute...yeah you got that last thing right.... we had the idea quite a while back. Well, from there on everything actually moved steady but slowly towards this very moment and to be honest - I am glad that it is done. We thought about countless ideas from Parallax scrolling and fancy design aproaches and all of those things have a lot of nice features and for sure a lot of advantages, but in the end we wanted something that was easy to run and maintain. After all we rather want to spend our time working on music than on a bunch of stylesheets and the likes.

I personally went a little more insane than I already was at the beginning of this journey... I swear to whatever god or goddess or the law of physics... I used to be slightly less crazy some time ago.

Well, I think that is enough for the first entry in our brandnew blog. Make sure to check back 'cause we are goin' to keep the madness goin' and provide some more ramblings.