Bleeding Earth era

Founded in 2004, the Villach/Carinthia based band Thytopia has come a long way from an underground four-piece to receiving increasing critical recognition, especially following the release of their debut Bleeding Earth in 2008. Whilst rewarding their live audiences across Central Europe with energetic performances, Thytopia has proven not to turn a blind eye to the issues of its day.

Misery, which heralded the group’s debut album, explores the emotional conundrums and contradictions of a suicidal heroin addict. The song was eventually released on various international metal compilations, amending the band’s reputation as the avatars of their very own unique blend of rock and metal.

Internationally, Thytopia gained increasing attention following the release of Bleeding Earth (2008) (album of the week @ (8,5/10), Arising Realm (9,5/10) and a rather flattering review in Metal Hammer’s July issue). In the period that followed, the group toured extensively, notably supporting German Power Metal legends Rage on their Tour in 2009, and building a dedicated following through countless club gigs. Notable international appearances include Princess of the Dawn Festival, Metal Chaos Erfurt, Underground Rising, Wünnstock Open Air (Germany), Falcons Rock Festival, MC Vipers Open Air, Woodstock Vol.6 (Czech Republic), alongside acts such as One Man Army, Graveworm, Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity and Hackneyed.